Using Instagram to Boost Sales

Ecommerce website owners trying to attract prospective customers might consider using social media websites like Instagram. These social media websites give business owners access to a huge pool of prospective customers but the entrepreneurs need to make these customers aware of the online business. While the online business owner could spend time trying to learn how to leverage social media their best option is aligning with 3rd party service providers like

Reasons to Align with Firms Like

Social media can be very lucrative when properly leveraged but to do that takes a considerable amount of digital marketing experience. When an online business owner aligns with a 3rd party social media marketing service provider they should be able to gain a competitive advantage provided they pick the right 3rd party service provider.  Some of the benefits include the following

·    Enhanced reputation: Consumers typically go to social media websites to find out whether a business has a good customer satisfaction track record. A capable 3rd party social media marketing service provider will be able to help establish a positive online reputation.

·    Identifying the Right Demographic: Some of the more established social media marketing firms will help you identify the demographic that is most likely to buy from you. This type of insight can have a huge impact on your bottom line so be sure to take advantage of it.

·    Monitor Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign: The marketing service provider will be able to track the progress of your social media initiative and tweak it as necessary. By gathering real-time metrics you can determine whether your social media advertising budget is generating the return on investment you want.

Picking the Right Social Media Marketing Service Provider

There are some key qualities you should look for when trying to pick the right social media marketing service provider.

·    Experience is key so find out ow long the company has been providing social media marketing solutions. Do they focus solely on Instagram or do they have a holistic social media marketing solution? While Instagram may be a great starting point you should be open to alternative social media platforms to generate maximum penetration and awareness.

·    Cost Vs Projected ROI: Is the firm capable of preparing a projected return on investment? The more established companies should, based on their experience, give you a projected return on your investment. By looking at the amount you have to pay up front in relation to what you will receive you should be able to make the right decision.

·    Does the firm only use “white hat” practices? If you come across a firm that claims to use “secrets” that are considered either “gray” or “black” hat you should not deal with them. The risk of having your social media reputation ruined by not following the rules is not worth any potential short-term gains.

By utilizing social media platforms like Instagram an online business should be able to boost both sales and overall brand awareness provided they are marketed effectively.

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