Tesamorelin may Decrease Belly Fat

This is a peptide hormone that goes by the brand name Egrifta and is used to decrease belly and chest fat in HIV positive patients. Sometimes such patience experience weight loss, while others experience increases in abdominal fat and chest or neck fat. This can be quite degrading to a person’s self-esteem. Presently, the peptide Tesamorelin has been tested for belly fat reduction in HIV positive patients only and has been rather successful in many cases. This brings up the idea of how useful this peptide may be for bodybuilders and other athletes to cut body fat quickly and get to a point of stage fitness where you are totally lean and cut.

Egrifta has a long half-life and induces the release of Human Growth Hormone on a consistent basis. That is part of how it lifts off the belly fat. There is a fragment or two of the Growth Hormone molecules that break off and induce thermogenesis, which is basically “fat-burning.” So you will get something better than a fat-loss pill with no bang to it except the increased heart rate and sweating. Sure, you may get some sweating with this peptide as well, but it works in a different way. It genetically changes the way and rate you burn fat up. Over time, this could be an advantage for showing off your lean, muscular body in a winning competition.


Now, you understand this substance is not yet allowed in competition for human professionals, so you will have to keep it on the down low for now. Many of these promising new peptides can work very well for fat loss and this gives athletes a great advantage over many others. Getting fat off is not an easy process, especially when you are in a growth phase. The way the professionals do it is with real Growth Hormone or Growth Hormone releasing agents like tesamorelin. This stuff is one of the many Growth hormone releasers that will induce muscle growth, but its main function is to get rid of fat.

You may have gleaming muscles underneath a layer of fat. That hardly goes over well in a bodybuilding competition. So, what you will need to do is find a fast way to fat loss. There is still some controversy over whether or not this peptide will work for people without HIV. However, it appears to be doing a pretty good job, according to the forums. Check those out and decide what will be best for you. Also, most peptides are out in 48 hours at the most. Some of them break down in minutes, like Growth Hormone does.

Either way you are using this peptide, be sure to check the forums and maybe even get with a professional medical person to help you do this correctly. Though it is not recommended, this information may lead you to a new path to fat loss and this could definitely be to your advantage in competition. Learn more when you do a bit of research and make your own decisions from there.

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