Upcoming Sublette County Special Election

The Sublette County Commissioner Count is back up in the air!

Route marker for Sublette County Road 134 in W...

Perhaps we need to change one of Sublette County's CR's to 3-No-5-No-3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you are in Pinedale, Big Piney or any other spot in Sublette County, be sure to register to vote in the upcoming Special Election…

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The date will be May 8th, 2012 to decide whether Sublette County will decrease the number of county commissioners to three or remain at five, before we even get to actually elect and see how five commissioners work out.  [underline & bold words edited from the original to properly reflect the CURRENT number of Sublette County commissioners is FIVE, with two merely waiting on election!!  Hat tip to Paul Rock for the correction.]

The opinions are hot and being voiced loudly!  What is yours?  Let us know today!

Read the official county announcement here.

And yes for those wondering, there was just an election last year where the majority voted to increase the count to five, but we have yet to seat or even vote for the two additional.

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