The 3’s Have It In Sublette County

Sublette County Voters Make News History In Wyoming

Pinedale, Wyoming–May 8, 2012

54% of Sublette County Wyoming voters choose to return

to three county commissioners!! 

Out of ten counties in Wyoming which have voted to increase and govern county expenditures with more than three commissioners, Sublette County residents became the first Wyoming county to ever vote to decrease their representation in county government from five to three.

Let us know your thoughts…why did you vote “FOR” or “AGAINST” in the comment section below!!

Perhaps the results of today’s vote would have been different, if the original petition to increase the county commissioners had included the improved “increase to five” provision provided by Wyoming law:

 18-3-501. (g)� Any county in which the electors vote to increase the number of county commissioners from three (3) to five (5) …may be divided into five (5) [equal by population] districts if a proposition for districting is submitted to a vote of the qualified electorate…

Since the “AGAINST” returning to three voting districts of Bondurant, Cora, and Pinedale make up 56% of the county’s total registered voters, this modified “increase to five” option may have been enough to get other parts of the county to back the initiative since Big Piney / Marbleton, Boulder, and Daniel which voted overwhelming “FOR” returning to three.

But then you’d open the entire can-o’-worms that drawing such districts can be.  Case in point the current Sublette County School District #1 debate…hmmm…

By staying silent on proportioning the county into equal voting blocks, the single voting district in the original “increase to five petition” would have allowed the larger blocks to control the outcome of every commissioner election, unless like today’s vote shows all other districts get involved.

Sublette County Wyoming:  Where YOUR Vote AND Opinion Matters 

With our small population, every single vote is important!  While elections rarely turn on one vote, these two “county commissioner” elections show that a few dedicated people can move the debates, your opinion expressed in your vote ultimately matters.  Since registered voters is just a number, turnout and involvement is key, like in the 2010 county general election in which three districts pulled a write-in candidate to victory with 899 of the 1381 total votes (65%).

Anyways here is a quick analysis of the unofficial county results by voting district:

sublette county, wyoming, politics, pinedale

Click for larger image.

The complete unofficial results can be read at the Sublette County website here.

Until next time, our Poly-Tick-al page has already returned to where it normally lives under The Fenceline, while we get on with our lives working and playing in Sublette County.

Sublette Times Editor

sublette county, wyoming, politics, pinedale




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